Give your input and feedback to three very important referenda!

GPSG Mental Health Referendum

The Duke Student Medical Insurance Plan (SMIP) comes up for review in 2023. In advance of this review, the GPSG Mental Health Resolution calls for a university-wide effort to make mental health a top priority and to instate $0 co-pays for all mental health services.We are asking for your input and feedback in the GPSG Mental Health Referendum

GPSG Climate Crisis Referendum

GPSG Climate Crisis Resolution 2021 calls on Duke to divest from fossil fuels; reinvest in sustainable businesses, industries, and funds; and set up a university-wide Climate Crisis Committee, dedicated to environmental justice and treating the climate crisis as a crisis.We are asking for your input and feedback in the GPSG Climate Crisis Referendum

GPSG Doctoral RA Holiday Policy Referendum – RESOLVED

The GPSG Doctoral RA Holiday Policy Resolution supported the recognition and formal implementation of the current holiday policy for Doctoral Research Assistants (RAs) at Duke. The referendum was successful, and the graduate school now has new guidelines for holiday policy.

To learn more about the new holiday policy, click HERE!Have any questions? Reach out to