About GPSG

The Graduate and Professional Student Government of Duke University (GPSG – pronounced “G.P.S.G.”) is the umbrella student government organization for Duke’s nine graduate and professional schools. Our purpose is to:

    • represent and advocate on behalf of graduate and professional students at Duke University;
    • serve as a liaison among the student governments of the graduate and professional schools of the University;
    • serve as a liaison between graduate and professional students and the University Administration;
    • nominate graduate and professional student representatives to University committees;
    • program events of interest to the graduate and professional student community;
    • and financially support the programming of graduate and professional student groups.

GPSG Mission


Duke GPSG advocates on behalf of all graduate and professional students and works to support all individuals and groups by releasing written statements of support GPSG has offered in response to events and legislation related to the well-being of our student population.

In recognition of the outstanding support of Duke University’s Graduate and Professional student community, GPSG gives two yearly awards. Read more about the awards here

Community Outreach

The GPSG Community Outreach Committee has several goals:

    • to provide regularly occurring community service/outreach programming to graduate and professional students;
    • to provide support to existing graduate and professional service groups;
    • to facilitate communication and collaboration between campus service groups;
    • to advocate for the inclusion of graduate and professional students in university service initiatives;
    • to improve the relationship between Duke University and Durham through our programming.

To learn more about GPSG community outreach or to join the community outreach email listserv, please contact the Director of Durham and Global Community Outreach.


The bylaws of the GPSG serve as rules for the governance of the council. The bylaws contain information about the purpose and mission of GPSG, membership and governing bodies, legislation, meetings, voting procedures, committees, student group funding, and much more. 

Read the GPSG bylaws here


The constitution of the GPSG serves as the basic governance of the council. The constitution contains information regarding the division of power within the Graduate and Professional Student Government, membership and governing bodies, and other responsibilities of the Government. 

Read the GPSG constitution here

GPSG Budget

The GPSG budget, maintained by the Director of Finance is approved by the general assembly every spring. The budget allocates graduate and professional student fees.

The 2020-2021 budget approved by the general assembly can be found here. Any queries should be addressed to the Director of Finance.

GPSG budget incoming.