Sharing an Email Pertaining to Graduate Worker Unionization

Announcement: Email to all PhD graduate students and faculty pertaining to graduate worker unionization

On March 6, 2023, graduate students pursuing PhD degrees and Duke faculty were emailed by Duke’s Interim Provost Jennifer Francis concerning Duke Graduate Students Union (SEIU Local 27) filing for a union election with the National Labor Relations Board. The bargaining unit including in this election is described in the filing as: “All PhD students enrolled in Duke University at its Durham and Beaufort, North Carolina campuses who provide instructional services or research services, including, but not limited to, teaching assistants, research assistants, graduate assistants, instructors, graders, writing consultants, and fellows.” Excluded from this unit are: “All students at Duke Kunshan University and Duke-NUS Medical School and all other employees, guards, and supervisors as defined in the Act.”

GPSG is posting this email to allow for transparency in graduate and professional student affairs across degree programs.

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