GPSG President Statement: Israel – Palestine

Content Warning: The GPSG President Statement makes brief references to escalating violence, Islamophobia, and antisemitism. For all readers who may be sensitive to these elements, please take caution.

Over the past few weeks, GPSG student leaders have been assessing an appropriate plan to support our community through these difficult, confusing, and emotionally taxing times. Click here for the GPSG President's Statement regarding the ongoing conflict in Israel and Palestine and planned actions to support the Duke University graduate student body.

For any questions about involvement with GPSG or other general matters, please send an email to President Keanu Valibia at and Speaker Thomas Crowe-Allbritton at

1 thought on “GPSG President Statement: Israel – Palestine”

  1. As a Muslim student who attends Duke, I feel a lot more relieved with these words and actions. This has been long awaited and should have been addressed much earlier. Thank you for addressing the rising Islamaphobia and the isolation too many of our students have been feeling during this time. I hope that with these resources and conversations allowing all of us to share among our community combat these feelings of isolation and suffering. I hope Duke openly supports its students in calling for a ceasefire and supporting the people of Palestine.

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