A central mission of GPSG is to serve as a voice and advocate of the Graduate and Professional student community. This goal is accomplished through our work on committees. GPSG places representatives from the graduate and professional student body onto internal and external committees in order to take part in important discussions with University faculty and administration. Committee representatives serve on GPSG committees and task forces in order to share discussions had in committees and to work toward the completion of action plans addressing areas of need within the graduate and professional community.

Committee appointments are performed at the start of each academic year for the duration of that academic year. The applications and deadlines are announced early each fall semester.

Standing Committees

The Standing Committees outlined below are seated by the GPSG Assembly:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee
  • External Advocacy Committee
  • Doctoral Student Affairs Committee
  • Clinical Professional Student Affairs Committee
  • Non-Clinical Professional Student Affairs Committee
  • Climate Crisis Committee
  • Parking and Transportation Committee
  • Rules and Nominations Committee
  • International Student Affairs Committee

Young Trustee Screening Committee

The Young Trustee Screening Committee oversees the screening process for GPSG’s nomination for Young Trustee. The committee develops the application, screens the candidates, and presents finalists to the Assembly. The Young Trustee Screening Committee is elected yearly by the Assembly. The Assembly elects one Chair and six other members of the Young Trustee Screening Committee when this committee is needed. Members of the screening committee are ineligible to run for Young Trustee. Any member that has a perceived conflict of interest with Young Trustee candidates must excuse themself from the committee. All currently enrolled graduate and professional students are eligible to run for the members or the chair of this committee.

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Board of Trustees Standing Committee Representatives

The General Assembly elects 10 students to sit on 6 standing committees of the Duke University Board of Trustees (BOT). Any graduate or professional student can run for a position on the standing committee. The BOT meets 4 times are year, and the student representatives who attend these meetings contribute the graduate and professional student perspective to the highest governing body at Duke. Contact the GPSG Director of Student Organizations with questions.

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External Seated Committees

All Duke graduate and professional students may join external seated committees. Contact the GPSG Director of Student Organizations about joining one of these external committees.

  • Academic Council
  • Academic Programs Committee
  • Advisory Committee on Investment Responsibility
  • Athletic Council
  • Authorship Dispute Board
  • Bass Connections Advisory Council
  • Campus Sustainability Committee
  • Committee on Facilities and Environment
  • Council for the Art Planning
  • Duke Forest Committee
  • Duke Police Advisory Committee
  • Duke University Alumni Board
  • Duke University Union Board
  • DUU Partnership Committee
  • Executive Committee of the Graduate Faculty
  • Global Priorities Committee
  • Harassment Grievance Board
  • Information Technology Advisory Council
  • International House Liaison
  • LDOC Committee
  • Liaison to Duke Student Government Fix My Campus
  • Library Council
  • President’s Advisory Committee on Institutional History
  • President’s Art Advisory Council
  • President’s Council on Black Affairs
  • REC and PE leadership council
  • Recreation Facilities Liaison/Recreation Fee Committee
  • Sexual Misconduct Task Force
  • Student Health Advisory Committee
  • Transportation Advisory Committee
  • University Judicial Board
  • University Priorities Committee
  • University Schedule Committee