A central mission of GPSG is to serve as a voice and advocate of the Graduate and Professional student community. This goal is accomplished through our work on committees. GPSG places representatives from the graduate and professional student body onto internal and external committees in order to take part in important discussions with University faculty and administration. Committee representatives serve on GPSG committees and task forces in order to share discussions had in committees and to work toward the completion of action plans addressing areas of need within the graduate and professional community.

Committee appointments are performed at the start of each academic year for the duration of that academic year. The applications and deadlines are announced early each fall semester.

Standing Committees

The Standing Committees outlined below are seated by the GPSG Assembly:

Other opportunities for involvement:

  • GPSG Community Pantry
  • GPSG Assembly

Climate Crisis Committee (CCC)

If you want to see a truly green Duke University, join GPSG’s Climate Crisis Committee! We work on issues all across campus like divesting our endowment from fossil fuels, improving mental health resources to cope with climate change, advancing environmental justice commitments, and reducing waste from graduate and professional programs. Join us to help us build a more sustainable and equitable future!  

Meeting time: every other Monday beginning Jan 30th, 2023 from 5-6 PM, over Zoom 

To join the committee, email the chairs of the committee, GPSG Director of Environment and Sustainability – Meech Carter ( and Nicholas Secretariat – Shreya Dipti Patel (

For more information, visit:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEI)

The GPSG DEI Committee is tasked with identifying ways to continuously promote diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus. One major way this is accomplished is through connecting with DEI leaders across campus, be they students, faculty, or staff. Members of the DEI Committee work to impart meaningful change on campus through conversations with administration, passing key resolutions through the GPSG assembly, and collaboration with other student groups both within and without the GPSG body. As issues of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion can touch many aspects of student life, the DEI Committee is open to approach about any topic.

Meeting time: every other Wednesday (starting 10/26), 5:15pm – 6:15 pm, over Zoom

To join the committee, email the chairs of the committee, GPSG Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Kamillah Kassam ( and Medicine (non-clinical) Secretariat – Kyle Williams (

For more information, visit:


GPSG CAN is the Duke University graduate and professional student chapter of Durham CAN, focused on broad-based advocacy in the Durham area.

To join the group, email the GPSG Director of Durham Relations, Allie Hargrove:

Doctoral Student Affairs Committee (DSA)

The Doctoral Student Affairs Committee is tasked with addressing campus-wide issues that affect doctoral students.

Meeting time: every other Monday (starting 10/31), 10am – 11am, over Zoom

To join the committee, email the chair of the DSA Committee: Trinity (Sciences) Secretariat – Julian Liber (

External Advocacy Committee (EAC)

The External Advocacy Committee is tasked with organizing GPSG’s advocacy efforts at the state and federal levels, including voter registration, communicating issues to state and federal legislators, and engaging with student advocates at other institutions of higher education. Committee members are invited to participate in an annual trip to DC to speak with federal lawmakers and their staff.

To join the committee, email the chairs of the committee: GPSG Director of External Advocacy – Julia Palmucci ( and Trinity (Humanities) Secretariat – Elizabeth Brown (

Parking and Transportation Committee (P&T)

The Parking and Transportation Committee is tasked with addressing issues of parking and transit at Duke University and in the Durham area.

To join the committee, email the chair of the committee, Pratt Secretariat – Kaleb Kassaw (

Rules Committee

The Rules Committee is tasked with maintaining GPSG’s constitution, bylaws, and standing rules of order, addressing questions about GPSG operating rules, receiving complaints, and adjudicating disputes.

Meeting time: every other Monday (starting 10/24), 12pm – 1pm, over Zoom

To join the committee, email the chair of the committee: Sanford Secretariat – Chris Miraglia (

International Student Affairs Committee (ISA)

The International Student Affairs Committee is tasked with advocating for the concerns of graduate and professional international students on campus.

Meeting time: next meeting is Thu, 10/20, 6-7pm, over Zoom (

To join the committee, email the chairs of the committee: Fuqua Secretariat – Yan Chen ( and Law Secretariat – Zhaoyu Sun (

Events Programming Committee

The GPSG Director of Events Programming is charged with hosting social programming available to all graduate and professional students.

To join the committee, email the GPSG Director of Events Programming, Maureen Ojukwu (

GPSG Community Pantry

This is not a standing committee, but the Community Pantry is a service of GPSG that provides non-perishable foods and meals to graduate and professional students struggling with food insecurity.

The Community Pantry is always looking for volunteers to run the pantry. Any help is greatly appreciated! Please contact our director Jiwook Yoo for a brief one-time volunteer on-boarding.

For students requiring further assistance, we highly encourage seek additional resources available in Durham: local Durham Co. food resources.

For additional resources and the most up-to-date information, please visit our website:

GPSG Assembly

This is not a standing committee, but the Assembly is the legislative branch of GPSG. All Duke graduate and professional students are automatically members of the Assembly and may attend any and all Assembly meetings to listen in and bring up topics for discussion with representatives from every graduate and professional school and program at Duke. Assembly meetings occur every other Tuesday, 6:30pm – 8:30pm ET over Zoom.

If you’d like to attend our meetings and receive updates/information from the Assembly, please subscribe to the mailing list here:

For a full schedule of all Assembly meetings, please visit our website: