Fall 2022 Campout

What’s Up Cameron Crazies!!
The moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Registration for Fall Campout will be open from 9AM on 09/12 to 09/16. Register for Fall Campout HERE, and see you at Kville soon!

Fall Campout will be held from Friday, September 23rd at 7pm to Sunday September 25th at 9am at Krzyzewskiville! This event allows graduate and professional students a chance to win the opportunity to purchase a season ticket to all home Duke Men’s Basketball games. Please read through the entire page. All questions should be directed to dukeheadushers@gmail.com.
Head Ushers will send out an email on Monday, September 12th with an online registration form, and clear instructions on how to register for campout. Registration will open on Monday, September 12th immediately upon sending out this email. Registration will close on Friday, September 16th at midnight.
Registration fee: $25 (for both attending vs. non-attending)
Season ticket price: $300
Campout is broken into two categories: attending campers and non-attending campers. In either case, you must be an active graduate or professional Duke student in order to participate.
Attending campers are individuals who will be able to attend for the entire weekend. Random attendance checks will be called over the course of the weekend, and each individual student will be responsible for making their own checks. The more checks you make, the better your chances are at winning the lottery.
Unable to attend campout that weekend? Won’t be able to make the majority of the checks? No worries, the non-attending campout option is for you! Non-attending campers will complete the same registration form as attending campers, but will not have to participate in campout, check-ins, or any other campout related events. The registration alone acts as their entry into the non-attending lottery!
Up until campout, students can switch their camping status from attending to non-attending. However, once registration closes, students are not allowed to switch to an attending camper due to limited space in Krzyzewskiville.
Students are able to have a tent group of up to 10 students. Ideally, a group of 7-10 students will occupy one campsite space. If your group is smaller than 7 students, you will likely share a campsite space with another small group. Each group will assign one person as their “Tent Captain”. This person will be responsible for relaying important information to the group, and will also be the group’s point of contact leading up to and during the campout. Just to reiterate, the groups are for campsite organization and communication. Each individual will be responsible for making their own checks. There will be no group checks allowed (Ex: one person from group 15 can’t check in for the entire tenting group).
One of the best parts of campout is our emphasis on community service/volunteering! Students will be given the opportunity to volunteer at various organizations around the Durham community Saturday morning from 8-11. Those who volunteer will be given a two-hour grace period from 11-1, in which you are permitted to be somewhere other than the volunteering event or campout (i.e. go home, shower, water your plants, walk the dogs, etc.). Further details regarding volunteer opportunities and how to sign up will be sent out next week. It is important to attend any community service/volunteer work you sign up for.
We are also excited to announce a collaboration with the Jimmy V Foundation to help raise money for pediatric cancer research. Dribble For Victory is an event held across the country where various men’s and women’s basketball teams dribble across campus and participate in other activities to help raise awareness about pediatric cancer. This will be taking place Saturday morning of campout (Sept 24th), and all students are strongly encouraged to participate (if not already participating in other volunteer events). We will be following up next week with more details. In the meantime, feel free to register for the event and/or donate money towards pediatric cancer research on their website!
The Duke Basketball Graduate Ushers are a dedicated team of grad students who LOVE Duke Basketball almost as much as we LOVE bringing the absolute best Duke Basketball experience to the graduate student body! We work home basketball games to safely and fairly organize the movement of a thousand students to provide the uniquely Duke experience of Cameron Indoor. We are also responsible for creating events like campout and much more! We work hard, we work as a team, and we have fun while doing it.
If this sounds like you, then we have good news! There are openings for current grad students to join the usher team! It should be noted that the work doesn’t pay, since we view this as a service to our graduate community. And while ushering does come with some perks like game attendance, it also requires a significant time commitment throughout a season that runs through fall finals, winter break, and most of the spring semester.
With that being said: whether you are definitely interested in being an usher, or if you are on the fence about the decision, we recommend working shifts during campout. Campout is a great way to test the waters if you want to learn more about usher roles and responsibilities or if you simply want to help make campout a fun, successful event! We have numerous supportive roles and shifts to be filled with a wide range of responsibilities and time commitments. Please fill out THIS FORM if you are interested in volunteering for a campout shift and/or being an usher.
Looking forward to bringing back fall campout after a three-year long hiatus. Feel free to contact us via social media if you all have any questions, or just follow our social media for the most up-to-date campout/basketball related info.
Twitter: DukeHeadUshers
Instagram: dukeheadushers
Email: dukeheadushers@gmail.com
Let’s Go Duke!