The General Assembly is the legislative branch of the Government. The General Assembly has three types of members: secretariat members, department/program members, and public members.

The General Assembly(GA) Secretariat serves to drive the agenda of the legislature and ensure effective, open debate and dialogue that advances the interests of Duke Graduate/Professional Students.

Each program or department has the right to formally designate a student or students from within their department to represent the program or department formally. Every program or department is entitled to one representative; for every 100 students in a program or department thereafter, the program or department is permitted to seat an additional member- referred to as the General Assembly(GA) program members. One representative may cast more than one vote if duly authorized to do so by their program or department. Dual-degree students may represent either of the programs/departments they are enrolled in, but not both. Members of the Executive, Judicial, and Secretariat shall not serve as Program/Department members. Program/Department members shall serve on at least one committee.

Any duly enrolled Graduate or Professional student at the University who is not a program or department member, member of the executive or judicial branches, or secretariat member may attend any meeting of the General Assembly and shall be entitled to equal participation and voting privileges

Each graduate or professional school appoints one graduate or professional student member for the judiciary.

Look up the GA Secretariat and the GA Program member-specific information and duties.

Representatives are appointed in August. Contact the GPSG Clerk for questions about General Assembly representation