Young Trustee

The Young Trustee is a sitting member on the Duke University Board of Trustees. As a former, or current graduate and professional student at the University, the Young Trustee is in the unique position to provide graduate and professional student perspectives to the Board.

Current and Previous Young Trustees

Position Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Young Trustee include, but are not limited to, serving on the full board, one standing committee, and one strategic task force. This entails reading all meeting materials in advance of meetings, traveling to Durham or other locations for meetings (costs covered by Duke University), engaging in discussion of meeting topics, submitting official votes on issues brought to the board, and maintaining the confidentiality of board business.

Term Lengths

Elected annually, the Young Trustee serves a two or three-year term. The term length alternates by year. During the first year, the Young Trustee acts as a non-voting observer. During the second year, the Young Trustee is a full voting member. The position of Young Trustee is a privilege and an honor, both for the student elected and for the entire graduate and professional student body. More information on the responsibilities and selection process can be found here

Apply for Young Trustee

All current graduate and professional students, as well as students who have graduated in the previous spring or summer terms, are eligible to apply for Young Trustee. Students in the final year of their program are strongly encouraged to apply. The Young Trustee is not permitted to serve as GPSG president or be a non-student employee of Duke University during his or her term.

The Young Trustee Application is distributed every fall semester via GPSGNews.

Young Trustee Screening Committee

Every year, GPSG has the immense honor of nominating a graduate/professional student to the Board of Trustees, the overarching governance board for all of Duke.  This is a privilege that we do not take lightly.  To narrow down the field of potential nominees, we hold a Screening Committee dedicated to reviewing and evaluating all applications for Graduate/Professional Young Trustee.  Serving on the Young Trustee Screening Committee is a really big honor and serves as a great way to be highly involved in one of the most important acts we conduct as GPSG.  Applications of the Young Trustee Screening Committee are distributed via GPSG Newsletter in September.