Independent Entities

Independent Entities are appointed positions necessary for the functioning of GPSG as an organization. They are overseen jointly by the President and Speaker. All Independent Entities are appointed by the President and voted on for confirmation by the Senate. A confirmation approval requires one half plus one of all Senate members. There are a total of six (6) Independent Entities.
Brittany Forniotis

Chief of Staff

Brittany Forniotis (she/her/hers)
Bio: Brittany Forniotis is a fifth-year Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Art, Art History, and Visual Studies. Her research encompasses medieval and early modern architectural theory and practice in the Mediterranean, with a focus on cultural and intellectual exchange and its connections to the history of science and medicine. Brittany’s dissertation examines the premodern history of the architecture of hospitals. She has an MA in Art History from Duke and an MA in Art History from UNC-Chapel Hill, and a BA in Art History & History from Wake Forest University. Outside of her research, she enjoys knitting, bouldering, and Dungeons & Dragons.

Responsibilities: The Chief of Staff is the central administrative officer responsible for maintaining records and internal workings of the Government.

Contact the Chief of Staff: For questions, thoughts, or concerns regarding general GPSG operations.
Rickard Stureborg


Rickard "Rich" Stureborg (he/him/his)
Rickard Rich Stureborg is a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science. His research is focused on Natural Language Processing and Large Language Models, especially in applications for combatting vaccine misinformation. On campus, Rich is best known for his tenure as co-president of DACC, a consulting club that provides pro-bono technical and management consulting and helps students prepare for careers in consulting. Rich has been involved with GPSG for three years before taking over as Treasurer. He helped broker discussions with admin regarding 2022 and 2023 PhD stipend increases, and has sat on a variety of committees and hiring boards. He spends most of his free time building things, breaking things, and quickly trying to fix the broken things before anyone notices

Responsibilities: The Treasurer is responsible for managing the budget of the Government and shall coordinate the disbursement of funds. The Treasurer develops policies and procedures to disperse all funds transparently, effectively, and efficiently.

Contact the Treasurer: For questions, thoughts, or concerns regarding the GPSG budget.
Camila Herrera

Chief Justice

Camila Herrera (she/her/hers)
Bio: Camila Herrera was born and raised in Colombia. She is currently a dual-degree student seeking a Juris Doctor and a Master’s in public policy. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of North Carolina of Charlotte. Camila worked in various nonprofit roles and found her passion in immigrant rights advocacy. She has expertise in developing organizational teams and bridging the gap to access legal representation. She is an alumnus of the Leadership Franklin Class of 2016, helped incubate a nonprofit organization called Better Options TN, and was the co-chair of Nashville's Mayor's New Americans Advisory Council (MNAAC). At Duke, Camila just finished her term as co-president of the Sanford Latin American and Caribbean Association and as dual-degree representative of the Sanford MPP Student Council. During her spare time, she likes dancing, hiking, and being with friends.

Responsibilities: The Chief Justice shall possess jurisdiction for conflict resolution concerning executive, independent entities, and legislative branches. The Chief Justice is responsible for any disciplinary recommendations for issues that arise within GPSG.

Contact the Chief Justice: For questions, thoughts, or concerns regarding GPSG rules, bylaws, and ethics.

Director of Student Organizations

Anvita Kulshrestha (she/her/hers)
Bio: Anvita is a second-year Genetics and Genomics PhD student in the lab of Dr. Allison Ashley-Koch. She is interested in understanding complex disease genetics through computational approaches. Specifically, she is looking to identify outcome modifying genes in Sickle Cell Disease. She is also involved with the Duke Indian Students Association (DISA) and Women in Science & Engineering (WiSE) on campus. In her free time, Anvita enjoys making mandala art, doing calligraphy, and meeting new people!

Responsibilities: The Director of Student Organizations oversees the ecosystem of student groups across the University and promotes the development of a diverse set of student groups, and shall be responsible for the transparent, efficient, and effective execution of student organization funding opportunities and disbursement.

Contact the Director of Student Organizations: For questions concerning student organization registration, maintenance, and funding.

Director of Communications

Burke Miller (he/him/his)
Bio: Burke Miller is a 2nd-year Master of Public Policy student at the Sanford School of Public Policy. His research interests primarily focus on the energy transition and how to create greater collaboration between traditional energy producers and emerging technologies creators for a better energy future. A Georgia native, Burke graduated from the University of Georgia with degrees in International Marketing and Public Relations. He subsequently gained experience working in a boutique digital marketing firm, at CNN's newsroom, and at Spin as a market operations analyst. Outside of class, Burke enjoys cooking, hiking, playing pickle ball, and reading.

Responsibilities: Director of Communications is responsible for maintaining effective external communication platforms for the Government, including overseeing the GPSG newsletter and keeping the website active and current, including all filled seats and vacancies. The Director of Communications may, upon authorization by the Senate, hire a webmaster to run the website and be responsible for the transparent, efficient, and effective execution of all communications and marketing efforts.

Contact the Director of Communications: For general inquiries concerning GPSG communications and social media.
Raima Puri

Director of Events Programming

Raima Puri
Bio: Raima is a first-year Master of Engineering student in Biomedical Engineering focusing on medical device design. She completed her undergrad at Ohio State University where she loved watching Buckeye sports! She's looking forward to getting to attend her first Blue Devils Basketball game. In her spare time, she likes to read, play games, go on walks, or have movie nights. She's excited to plan lots of fun events for the graduate student body this year!

Responsibilities: The Director of Events Programming plans and executes Campus-wide events programming, in conjunction with partner organizations. The portfolio of the Director shall be enacted by the Events Committee. The Director of Events shall be responsible for the transparent, efficient, and effective execution of GPSG events including Fall Camp Out, Winter Formal, and Spring GPSG Student Appreciation Event.

Contact the Director of Events Programming: For general inquiries concerning GPSG-hosted events.